Connecting People on a Human Level

The Results Just Feel Right

The Right Advisor for You May Not Be Down the Street

Don’t rely on instinct OR data, rely on both, Coupled.

At Couplr, you’ll be matched using a smart set of machine learning algorithms based in the science of interpersonal trust to ensure that you find the best possible match. The results just feel right since we are combining data science with the human desire to connect with those like us.

Success is built on an exchange of trust. Trust is built on empathy. Empathy is only possible when we connect on a Human Level.

Couplr uses smart technology rooted in the science of interpersonal trust and decades of data to match you with a financial advisor based upon who you are as a person, not the size of your bank account.

Couplr democratizes financial advice by connecting the right people at the right place and time, for the right reasons.


Access to advice should not be based on how much you make, how much you’re worth, or your physical location.


Trust is a must when it comes to wanting help with our money, if you like someone and share strong commonalities you have set the stage for trust to occur. Once we like & trust someone we want to know they are qualified to help us.

The Science of Social Proof

We are programmed to avoid strangers. From early childhood, the majority of us are told not to trust strangers. Don’t look at them, don’t talk to them, and definitely don’t go anywhere with them. Even as we grow into adults with better judgment, we’re reluctant to trust people we don’t already know. And our parents’ warnings aren’t the only reason for this.
Trust is founded on common ground. This tendency to gravitate toward people with similar interests or beliefs is called homophily. Whom would you trust more: someone who shares your beliefs and interests, or someone who opposes them? That’s not to say it’s impossible to trust someone who thinks differently from you, but it’s not as easy.

“When individuals hold a variety of prominent values in common, they often tend to develop a sense of familiarity that renders the behavior of the other more predictable and, in turn, promotes trust.”

Couplr connects you with those you have a high likelihood of liking & trusting.

The Best Way to Find a Financial Advisor

First Time Fear

Is this your first time working with a financial advisor? Not sure who to work with, who to trust, or where to go? No worries! We remove all fear and stress from the process - at Couplr we use human driven AI technology to match you with the most suitable financial advisor based on science, not how much you earn.

We also put you in 100% control of the process, letting you choose who and when to contact an advisor, all while maintaining your privacy.

Change Apprehension

Are you looking to make a change and find a new advisor but unsure where to look? Using our human-driven AI technology, we match you with an Advisor that gets you in the most fundamental way, the human way. An advisor that “gets you” stands a much better chance of helping you. You control the process, you get to vet potential advisors, you choose when & if you are ready to have an introductory conversation, all while keeping your information private.

Why Couplr?

After 15+ years as a successful financial advisor, founder Derek Notman saw one pivotal issue: not enough people had access to financial advisors due to the lack of empathy and trust needed to form new relationships.
Knowing that connecting on a human level was foundational to trust, empathy, and success, Derek created a solution that truly works: a smart algorithm technology rooted in many decades of the science of interpersonal trust to match clients and financial advisors.
The result are personal, they just feel right. This is what happens when we Coupl science with being human.

What does success look like?

Success happens when we have an exchange of trust that lets us share our hopes, dreams, goals, and fears. Success for you happens when you are able to realize your hopes, dreams, and goals. Success happens when you have a trusted partner to help you make the right decisions for you. Success happens when your advisor empathizes with you and is able to act on this empathy with their expertise to help you do everything that is important to you.
Your success looks different from the next person’s and to be able to help you, we need to know exactly what makes you, you.
If you and your advisor don’t like each other, then none of the other stuff matters. you’re in 100% control of the process. You get to make the first move when you are ready while maintaining your privacy the entire time. No spam, no wasted time, just strong connections with the right people to help you.

Couplr - How finding a financial advisor is supposed to feel

What you get:

  • 3 curated matches
  • Complete control of your data (downloadable)
  • The ability to have free meetings with your matched advisors to vet their fit
  • Couplr is FREE for you as a customer, forever!

Answer some simple questions and let’s start the journey of finding your perfect financial advisor.