Find the Right Clients

Find more ideal clients, for the right reasons, at the right place and time.


Struggling to attract your favorite type of client? Leverage Couplr to re-evaluate the way you connect and build rapport with ideal clients.

Don’t rely on instinct OR data, rely on both, Coupled.

At Couplr, you’ll be matched using a smart set of machine learning algorithms based in the science of interpersonal trust to ensure that you find the best possible match. The results just feel right since we are combining data science with the human desire to connect with those like us.

Success is built on an exchange of trust. Trust is built on empathy. Empathy is only possible when we connect on a Human Level.

Couplr uses smart technology rooted in the science of interpersonal trust and decades of data to match you with ideal clients based upon who you are as a person, personally & professionally.

Couplr democratizes financial advice by connecting the right people at the right place and time, for the right reasons.


Access to advice should not be based on how much you make or how much you are worth.


Trust is a must when it comes to wanting help with our money, if you like someone and share strong commonalities you have set the stage for trust to occur.

The Most Cost Effective Way to Pay for Leads

How much are you currently paying for leads and marketing? There is a high likelihood Couplr will help you drastically reduce these expenses while bringing in more, higher quality leads.

The Competition

  • Onboarding fees
  • % of client revenue generated
  • Networth sliding scale per lead cost
  • Long term commitments
  • The same leads are sold to multiple advisors
  • Customer acquisition through large-scale marketing ploys
  • Only offered to RIAs, CFPs, etc.


  • No onboarding fees
  • Simple monthly subscription fee for unlimited leads potential
  • Month to month commitment, cancel anytime
  • Open to all types of advisors
  • High-quality lead generation (pre-qualified to meet your standards)

Show Me the Numbers

76% of advisors spend $500 or less/month on digital marketing activities, Couplr’s pricing replaces ineffective marketing spend with highly effective convertible spend that gets you qualified leads. Couplr is currently free for advisors, but will become a paid service in the future.

What does an average client generate in revenue for you in the first 12 months? 24 months? Let’s do some simple math in this example:

4 new clients over 12 months from Couplr
Assume Couplr costs $200/month = $2,400 total spend over 12 months
Each client is worth $1,500 of revenue in the first year
4 X $1,500 = $6,000
ROI = 150%
Plug in your own numbers, what’s your ROI?

The Science of Social Proof

We are programmed to avoid strangers. From early childhood, the majority of us are told not to trust strangers. Don’t look at them, don’t talk to them, and definitely don’t go anywhere with them. Even as we grow into adults with better judgment, we’re reluctant to trust people we don’t already know. And our parents’ warnings aren’t the only reason for this.
Trust is founded on common ground. This tendency to gravitate toward people with similar interests or beliefs is called homophily. Whom would you trust more: someone who shares your beliefs and interests, or someone who opposes them? That’s not to say it’s impossible to trust someone who thinks differently from you, but it’s not as easy.
“When individuals hold a variety of prominent values in common, they often tend to develop a sense of familiarity that renders the behavior of the other more predictable and, in turn, promotes trust.”
Trust is a two way street, just like your clients need and want to trust you, you deserve the same. You deserve high quality leads with people that you have a high likelihood of liking and trusting, Couplr helps you find the right clients, people you actually want to work with.

Why Couplr?

After 15+ years as a successful financial advisor, founder Derek Notman saw one pivotal issue: a lack of empathy and trust needed to form new relationships between clients & advisors.
Knowing that connecting on a human level was foundational to trust, empathy, and success, Derek created a solution that truly works: a smart algorithm technology rooted in many decadesof the science of interpersonal trust to match clients and financial advisors.
The results are personal, they just feel right. The result feels magical, but it’s what happens when we Coupl science and being human.

What does success look like?

Success happens when you are able to bring on new ideal clients into your business. Success happens when you can bring these new clients on in a predictable, scalable, and affordable manner. Couplr helps you do this like no other tool has been able to do before.


Pricing that Feels Right

Eventually we will be asking advisors to pay one flat monthly subscription price for access to unlimited potential leads. No sign up costs, no long term commitments, cancel anytime.
But at this time it is 100% free to sign up so grab your spot now!

Works like it’s supposed to

Answer some simple questions and let’s start the journey of finding your perfect clients.